How Does It Feel?

by The Soul Travelers

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    releases June 9, 2017

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New Age
How Does It Feel?


releases June 9, 2017

All writing and performance credits:
Raps - Donnie Adams
Guitar - Guido Schotten
Pandeiro - Bernt Nellen
Bass - Koen van den Buuse
Trumpet - Mark Nieuwenhuis
Singing - Shishani Vranckx

Mixed by Mark Nieuwenhuis
and Guido Schotten



all rights reserved


The Soul Travelers Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Waiting For A King
I was just a little boy when I summoned / something like I seen in a dream I knew it was coming the old wise men / told me that I was wanted to show the cowards in / and when the doubt is confronted just know the power’s in / strong words from a struggle that paid for it / so I doubled up my hustle cus I’m made for it / I took the scroll from him / he told me don’t read a word on that roll ‘til I’m thirty years old on em / what do I do ‘til then, he said I knew already / I threw up two and then, I hit the door with heavy / stress on my brain a pain in my chest test of my range remain on the quest / testament came, addressed to my name arresting my breath, hold up / let me catch and rest until I woke up / I saw the scroll in the window wondered if the wind blowed / would it tow my woe away and send for / a yellow brick road scarecrow or Toto / someone to say hello to so I know I’m never solo / I’m so low, feeling like there’s nowhere else to go so / I rose slow, felt it from my big toe to forehead / knew that there was more here / hit the floor in fourth gear / so many doors to explore here / searching from the sky while I soar here / creep into the core where / raw there, the people, they hungry, waiting for a king

To stand where they broke down hope down / what they know is on the ropes now / waiting on a king, love in a dark cloud, it’s getting dark out / he be that spark now, waiting on a king

They waiting on a king so I’m waiting on my damn self / ain’t looking for a hand or another man’s help / I’m cooking up a plan with the cards I was dealt / dealing with the complex of the god in my self / and everyone else, if everyone helps, everyone’s wealth / will be the measure of our love and everyone’s health / the message, I carry it stealth like Harriet helped / to bury just a little seed where it’s scary as hell / area well known where they bury they selves / or where we in cells, locked down killing our selves / it’s like we willing to fail, to prove we’ll do something cool / but we still in our shells / still in our hell, waiting to grow up / waiting for a chance to make it out and blow up / but slow up man, know its burning holes in your soul but hold up man / keep your eye on the goal / keep your eye on the road, it gets deep / so we fly or we fold, the higher we go / the fire will grow, aspire to know / a lie when its told, from liars that know / you could explode, knowing the whole / truth of the code tucked in my coat / I unrolled the scroll, the paper nearly broke / I was thirty years-old, so I read what they wrote / said quote, the time is now to be a leader ya’ll/ open up your heart see the people, they waiting on a king

To stand where they broke down hope down / what they know is on the ropes now / waiting on a king, love in a dark cloud, it’s getting dark out / he be that spark now, waiting on a king