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Underground and ubiquitous / lift with it limitless spirit gift / if it could be an image than it’d be a kiss of a rose to a cheek with a glow that’s unique to the truth / saw you coming through to the heart of my plan pardon my plan / was waiting ‘til you showed me the way but understand / I could only wait with little of faith so much at hand / so much at stake if I break and never land / I’m Peter Pan seeing my fait and seeing sand / slipping to the lower part of the glass it never lasts / like the moment that I saw where you stay the moment passed / before I knew it only knew you from the past / went as high as high could take me away and saw your face / thinking death is waiting for me to play, saving my place / but little did I know it was you leaving me clues how to leave the blues how to make moves and never lose / never let me catch a sight of your smile / keep your eyes closed, they could take the life in me now / you are too bright for my low light so I look to the stars wonder what you like and maybe what you are is something out of sight but maybe what you are is something in my life like

I’m on a mission to build a bridge an unknown distance / like something inside of my soul is out of prison / trying to find a way on the road without a vision / collision turned learning turned my ear to listen / and what I heard my words couldn’t describe / still I scribe hoping these words ‘ll come alive / look oyu in your eye show you what’s in mine / show you the thin line between me and you and within time / If I make it through you can make it too / and vice versa twice over to the final hour / to all the people in the world power / we connect with it we perfect with it that good it’s / built in from before we were built / scientists say it’s the God particle the part of you that started you / artists drew it all throughout the centuries / the centerpiece of mysteries and magic / histories so- called secrets static / bad habits have me going in that rabbit hole / trying to break another code in the cabbage so / If I’mma go where I need to grab it gotta look into my pockets / empty out the baggage and grow / forever steady reaching ‘til I have it, gold


from How Does It Feel?, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


The Soul Travelers Amsterdam, Netherlands

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