How Does It Feel?

from by The Soul Travelers

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Carried away to another level living life high, by only looking at trees / changes in the leaves showing evolution, a seed in spring / a beautiful funeral at my feet now / deep browns and greens, red fire holding sun light looking like a night in my dreams / dream, on dreamers ‘til it’s built into everything / drive to work just as good as out of work and in between / sadness a memory, death just a seasonal shift, otherwise known as a gift / like when winter bring that fresh ice springing into rivers incubate life / great life celebrate in summer then grace- fully fall / back to it’s center source beginning nature inner essence womb cradle crater holding greatest light and love – roots – / understood the journey above was all truth / from the photosynthesis sending the sun into innocence / entering a cycle of concurrent give and replenishment peace / maybe this was meant to birth a new vision / seeing what was given with Earth and just living (free)

How... How does it feel to be me? Ever ask your self? How... How does it feel to be me?

A perfect settlement, take a breath, give back different elements / a rose gives aroma, you give the praise of smelling it / holding it, baby skin pedals unfold in it slowly /patient but persistent growing opening an image of something you know is holy / gracious, good mother nature let me taste it / touch it in a rush and catch a thorn slow it up sit back and hear a story of you coming up rough / through concrete, woods floors, but they couldn’t block your / inner sonar for solar inspiration / synonymous with the divine kind / your kind is a testament to testaments / appropriate for funerals and weddings new births and new blessings / last names or first, metaphor for / love, gangsters, prophets and war / above and below, thorns then a pillow you glow free

How... How does it feel to be me? Ever ask your self? How... How does it feel to be me?

Some say its just mathematics / others claim the hand of god some say its magic / evolution or illusion some grab at it / atheist laughing screaming reason and habit / while some are doing deeds to please popes in habits / some believe, the key’s in our DNA / a certain color you belong in a certain place / some say chase every dollar you can taste / don’t waste a moment slipping / others holding on through they kids and / they spouses, they houses and cars / defined by a job q’aballah or by Allah / some say we are the sum of something magnetic on par with every God ugh! / Can we remember what the question is / and right before that motivation had for asking it / must’ve been something fantastic kid / got lost in it then it finished now we after it / but it’s still there sleep beneath our eyelids, free...


from How Does It Feel?, released June 9, 2017



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The Soul Travelers Amsterdam, Netherlands

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