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Separate the cream from the crop I /drop my bags off at the nearest stop as I race to the top / like Willy Wonka just gave me the place, straight through the ceiling / outer space making it hot, bringing that feeling / like you made it through the maze and the flock / so great surreal and celebrated like the day that you dropped / embracing will to still another moment for me to build / believing reasons that receded from my failures / aka the best days / cleaning up a mess, fresh for the test days / confess, stress weighs / only if I let it kinetic, I get it stepping ‘til I let in a fresh phase / creative interaction, bringing the satisfaction / collapsing, garbage guarded by my ego / regardless of my ego / marching with my people / through darkness and the evil / to spark this end of feeble / embarkments ‘til we equal / and arms-length to the regal / like that

Headed to the end of the beginning like a / adolescent taking lessons to the entering of / confessions of a grown man making a home stand for the fam / not only for the lonely at sea looking for land / and a place where they could finally be, what they had planned / plant a seed for the family tree, so it can span / from it’s roots to the tip of the leaves, showing the band / of brothers they we finally free, leading the clan / to a new age where few gauge whether or not / we living well based on who paid together our plot / is flowing over to a new age to better our shot / at making new ways from old new ways to hold ‘em / goals like they made out of gold but never sold ‘em / sewed ‘em into our clothes and now we know ‘em / and we never letting go of control it’s like I told ‘em / and endeavoring to strengthen the soul and so we rolling like that!


from How Does It Feel?, released June 9, 2017



all rights reserved


The Soul Travelers Amsterdam, Netherlands

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