Paint a Picture

from by The Soul Travelers

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Black ink sprayin’ the canvas / stop guessing, you wonder who invisible man is / source of this verbal discourse my hand is / cries of the hungry, who my band is / radio just might band this / in any event put up the tent this is what the plan is / stand but we won’t just stand for this / woman and man in hand with no manners / black to the pitch you ain’t got to tan this / fire in this bitch and you got to fan this / ain’t no tag on this shit you don’t know what the brand is / made in the heart before the bullshit ran this / slave to the art is just what I am is / fly with the pen pad is where my land is / gone with the movement like that black van is / riding shotgun next to who my friend is

Over a yellow afternoon / blue and white lights surround the outline of doom / the latest installment / chalk over pavement / part two in the series of imitations of slaveships / hard to describe / the scene was tied off / like a Kieth Haring painting came alive and laid on the sidewalk / ground was so soft, blood was so soft / splattered on the bricks like a bomb had gone off, yo / you swear to god that Osama showing off but it’s just the cops and the calm they towing off / they say we used to it / but the truth is we still feel life-long abuse through it / and that’s my perspective from this moment captured in time / elapsed in a rhyme, perhaps in a rhyme / hear the words spoken but the vision is refined / a collision with wisdom we paint a picture in your mind / where

They say the last days are coming / a storm leaving nothing / if you look around the world, travel through the slums then / think it already happened, civil war, poor water it’s like a human disaster / now action, back to the big screen / back to the story, boy having big dreams / coming up on big scenes, star of the slum dog / hundred million in billing still live in the slum dog / that’s how it go they make a killing then run off / they take everything except for the sun off / that’s how we dress now / let ‘em know you free walk with your chest out / ‘cus we kings and queens, winter summer fall and the spring / we gotta stand up ‘cus some are gonna fall into things / and lend a hand, then mankind will find / what is written in your heart will paint a picture in your mind


from How Does It Feel?, released June 9, 2017



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The Soul Travelers Amsterdam, Netherlands

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