Road to Grow

from by The Soul Travelers

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Who said they ready for me swinging machetes at me they everywhere / but I’m never there living in the weather where / looking down on the ground I see the clouds / man I’m very near, to where we carried Ms. Harriet here / an eagle’s eye on haters, an evil guy to fakers / we need a ride to save us we’ll be your guide to takes us / hop on our shoulders move over and let more in / we making love to this music until the war ends / collateral damage people in battle who manage / to making music the apple that Adam was handed / so I’m using this shot from this point of my vantage / to my advantage where we shot like a clot or a bandage / plane landed, open the door I’m bout to step off / coming in from under the floor, where I left off / I pick up no skips or no hiccups / a stick up with a mic in my grip, put your fist up / I’ll give up, everything to see my people carry dreams / into the sky with legendary wings lift up / to the occasion fly into amazing lives made for paving the way to the wisdom

Like that born on the road to gold, it’s like that born on the road to grow...

At battle with my bad habits in bed napping waiting for magic / grabbing at flashes ‘head traffic so now I’m acting / like go ahead at it they said that it spread havoc / so when I’m at it and time set it I shed fat / and make a run for it Forrest Gump for it / one pouring forward for the score I’m done snoring / more important that I soon explore the core storage / motherboard coming running toward it sun soaring / something to absorb the allure, troubadour / trooping through the movement making music, true adore / new accord to record the truth nothing but it proof unrestored / underscored with youth commonly ignored so they sore / all they wanted was school we gave ‘em war / they picking up the tool and you said it’s ‘cus they poor / or, maybe we could reimagine a pattern to happen to tap in to having more

Like that born on the road to gold, it’s like that born on the road to grow...

The trouble is, living on the bubble with / PTSD while it’s still bubbling / the block is hot, more than cops and government / pockets get got, people out here struggling / to keep the gas going, looking for they last knowing / if they pay the bill no more to cash flowing / looking for a meal ain’t nothing so a fast going / no breaks it don’t matter if the sun showing / son blow the competition away position he play / slanging that yay the Noriega way / to keep a roof on his Momma, use llamas / spread drama, the truth is confused with who honors / broken G-codes dropping the load old bombers / oh karma a lot to behold like Obama / singing old sweet home with no bother bout the real going on in the field and so we build!

Like that born on the road to gold, it’s like that born on the road to grow...


from How Does It Feel?, released June 9, 2017



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The Soul Travelers Amsterdam, Netherlands

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